Oracle Core HR


Human resource management system, as the name suggests, is a system that accounts for the human resource / the human capital / asset. This is very nice to count Employees to be an asset to the enterprise. However like all other assets of the Firm, human resource also needs renewal and maintenance. This module in Oracle E-Biz helps us manage our Human capital and lets us embed the HR related data with other modules.

HRMS as a module is needed in almost all other modules in the enterprise. For an example, if we are entering any data related to procurement, we might want to record the person details who wanted it. Similarly for a Project request, we might want to record who the Project manager for the project is. For an Order to be approved, we might need the manager's name of the person who punched that particular order. So HRMS is everywhere. Progressively when we keep reading about the various functionalities, we will be able to relate the concepts to the real world.

Chapter Overview

This chapter talks about:

  • Core-HR as a module
  • Concepts of Date Tracking
  • Storing person data
  • Building blocks of Core- HR: Organization, Location, Job, Position, Grades etc
  • Tools used in Core-HR
  • Security Profile and Multi-Org
  • Technical aspect of Core-HR
  • Summary
    • Questionnaires

Learning Outcomes

After going through this Chapter, you should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Date tracking and the record structure
  • Support and implement Core-HR components like Organization, Location, Job, Position, Grades etc
  • Use the tools associated with Core-HR
  • Appreciate and implement the Security features in Core-HR
  • Understand the Multi-org architecture