Technical Aspect of Core-HR

Let’s see the tables that are used in Core-HR.


  • In the table below, if the Date tracked column is marked as Yes, assume the Primary key to be Composite. The given Primary will bind with the two date tracked columns to make the Composite Primary key.
  • Some of the values in the column Table could be a view / synonym.

Although we have considered all the important concepts of Core-HR there are a lot to it. However those functionalities are there to help certain modules only. Hence the attempt was to add those functionalities with the modules they are used for. So keep on turning the pages and there are a lot to come with Core- HR.


In this chapter we discussed about the basic of Core HRMS including the concepts like date tracking, how E-Biz stores different data, Person types and the different flex fields used in Core-HR. We then moved our focus towards the Implementation steps, we discussed about the job, position, locations and grades. We also discussed about different Organization classifications and Organization hierarchy. We then moved to salary administration techniques, and discussed the different tools used in Oracle Core-HR to make the administration simple and elementary. We discussed about the Multi-Org architecture and how is it used to help big enterprises. Finally the underlying tables are discussed with their usage and relationship with others.